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Electronic assembly services are available for single or multi-layer flexible or rigid circuit boards for passives as small as 0201s, BGA and micro BGA, flip chips and leadless devices. Other services Include conventional thru-hole assembly of mixed technology in single or double sided configuration. Electronic components can be placed on standard rigid, or flexible circuit substrates.


SMT Assembly

Variety of SMT components can be placed down to 0201 sizes. These components are placed using our automated assembly equipment. It has the added capability of testing the value of passive resistor and capacitor values as well as diode orientation helping insure that the right values are placed at the right locations the first time. 


Through hole Assembly

Our through-hole assembly operation assures consistent placement of components. Odd-form and other parts can be placed using our trained hand-stuff operators. Gluing, conformal coating, and selective wave soldering are all accomplished by highly skilled operators. We use a no-clean soldering process with either tin/lead or lead free alloys to produce robust solder joints. The components are soldered either by hand or using our selective soldering machine.

Leadless Device Placement (LGA and QFN)

Precision Technologies has the expertise in placing leadless devices including LGAs and QFNs. The correct stencil design and placement accuracy is critical to insuring that these parts are placed correctly. These packages, which can have solder bumps or lands located on the package, can be placed, x-rayed and reworked by BESTProto personnel.

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