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Flex Circuits, RIGID-FLEX Capabilities

Flex circuits are fully surface mountable to accommodate: surface mount, chip-on-flex, as well as flip-chip technology. Our strategic partnerships give you the benefits you'd expect from our flex circuits manufacturing team, and you can be rest assured your flex circuits or Rigid-Flex circuit products will be of premium quality.

Flex circuits are commonly used in many applications spanning many markets including today's: wearable products, consumer electronics, medical devices, military, and aerospace. Common applications include: laptop computers, ink jet printers, hard disk drives, optical storage drives, cellular phones, video tape recorders, flat panel displays, etc.

Precision Technologies flex material selections

Polyimide Films:- 0.5 mil (.0005″), 1 mil (.001″), 2 mils (.002″), 3 mils (.003″), 5 mils (.005″)

Thermobond Adhesives:- Acrylic/Modified Acrylic, Phenolic Butyral, Modified Epoxy

Copper Foils (rolled-annealed):- 1/4 oz , 1/3 oz, 1/2 oz. (.0007″), 1 oz. (.0014″), 2 oz. (.0028″)

Stiffeners:- FR-4, polyimide, metal, or customer supplied

FR-4 in Multi-layer Flex Circuits:- Laminated to flex circuit to create rigid flex boards.  Typically with vias.

Surface Finish:- Solder (hot air leveling or electrolytic plating), Electroless Au and Ni, Silver, Tin plating


Artwork Capabilities and Tolerances

Minimum Trace and Space: .002″/.002″ (1/4 oz.) .003″/.003″ (1/2 oz.)

Minimum Annular Ring Over Drill Size: .014″

Required on Artwork to Maintain Tangency: .010″ (GERBER required)

Minimum Inner Diameter or Thermal Reliefs: .006″ (drill size)

Minimum Space Between Coverlay Openings: .010″

Edge of Coverlay Opening to Trace: .007″ (preferred)

Minimum Legend Line Width: .007″


Drill Capabilities

Smallest Drill Size: .006″ mechanical .002″ laser

Largest Drill Size: .267″

Smallest Slot Width: .008″


Fabrication Tolerances

Minimum Trace to Route Edge Dimension+/- .005″

Minimum Route Dimensional Tolerance+/- .005″

Minimum Tolerance of ZIF Connector to Edge of Flex+/- .002″

Minimum Feature to Feature Dimensional Tolerance+/- .002″

Minimum Corner Route Radius.010″ +/- .0005″

Minimum Inside Radius.006″ +/- .0003″



Minimum Layer to Layer Registration+/- .005″

Drill Position Accuracy+/- .003″

Average Copper Plating Tolerance (PTH only).001″ +/- .0005″

Average Solder Plating Thickness.0003″

Squeeze out of 1 mil Adhesive and 2 mil Adhesive.003″ +/- .001″ .006″ +/- .003″





Flex Circuits Capabilities




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