Lead-Free Laminates

Solutions for all your Lead-Free PCB LAMINATES

OUR PCB Solution for all your lead-free lamiNateS & exotic matierial Needs

Precision Technologies provides a wide range of production capabilities to meet your needs. We offer various materials at competitive prices for advanced PCB Designs that require Lead-Free laminates for their printed circuit board. We offer personalized quotes based on your specific needs for prototypes and production quantities. 

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  • FR-4 Standard Multifunctional 130 Tg
  • FR-4 High 170 Tg
  • Getek 170 Tg
  • ISOLA 410
  • Rogers
  • Thermal Clad (including Aluminum Bonding)
  • Nelco 4000-13 160 Tg (Call for information)
  • Allied 408 180 Tg (Call for information)
  • Polymide 230 Tg (Call for information)
  • BT Epoxy 180 Tg (Call for information)
  • Teflon (Call for information
  • Taconic (Call for information)
  • Arlon (Call for information)
  • Others including Flex (Call for information)
  • RoHS Compliant / Lead Free Assembly

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