ENEPIG PCB Surface Finish Printed Circuit Boards

ENEPIG Surface Finish\

ENEPIG SURFACE FINISH for Printed Circuit Boards.

The ENEPIG surface finish for printed circuit boards that has been around for a decade, but has only become a universal surface finish in the past decade. ENEPIG is formed by following 3 different steps. Step 1 a deposition of electro-less nickel, followed by electro-less palladium, and ending with an immersion gold flash. The ENEPIG process can be up to 80% cheaper than traditional electrolytic nickel gold processes. ENEPIG has become a wide application for: soldering, gold wire bonding, aluminum wire bonding, and contact resistance. It can also be very valuable as a solution for IC package PCB substrates. Unlike electrolytic processes, ENEPIG carries no requirement for bussing lines, which creates higher flexibility and density.

There are many benefits to using the ENEPIG process. This process is immune to the “black nickel”, which is when there is grain boundary corrosion of nickel surface created by the immersion gold. It has high wire bond pull strengths, this is great for aluminum wedge or gold ball bonding. You can connect components without the use of solder. This finish can withstand multiple lead-free reflow soldering cycles for extreme durability. It has a low contact resistance ability, due to the electrical resistance is more uniform so its easier to predict amperage. The ENEPIG finish has an unlimited shelf life so it doesn’t tarnish.

There are many benefits for choosing ENEPIG finishes. Talon is an electro-less and auto-catalytic palladium that is cost-effective, wire-bondable, and extremely stable. The main benefit for using talon is that the palladium can be deposited directly on a copper substrate or on electro-less nickel. GoBright TWX-40 gold electrolyte is used for plating directly on electro-less palladium depositions and its goal is to optimize the ENIG process. Altarea TPD-21 is an autocatalytic electro-less palladium bath for surface mount applications. Altarea TPD-21 is great for wire bonding and soldering. The KAT UF ENEPIG universal finish is a unique Ni/Pd/Au surface finish. This finish is extremely solderable, aluminum and gold wire bondable, and has outstanding contact surface properties.


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